Bethel Bible College

Bethel Faith Spark Bible College has been successfully raising up church leaders for the past 35 years.

With over 1000 graduates, Bethel Faith Spark Bible College, in partnership with Indian Pentecostal Assemblies has planted over 650 churches in the 15 states of India, including Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Based in one of the largest growing churches in South India (Bethel City Cathedral) the Bible College offers in-depth theological training and hands on experience in practical ministry. 


Equipping students for church leadership and development within the context of the local church is core to BFSBC philosophy. 

If you're looking to receive insightful training in Worship, Theology, Church Administration, People Management, Evangelism & more. 

If you're looking to plant, pioneer or pastor a church then BFSBC is the place for you! 


For admission contact us now at: +914222522885 | Mobile: +919677466175 

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