Bachelor of Theology

Major Competencies

• Graduates are prepared to enter into full-time ministry, helping the local church and serving in various    leadership roles.

• Graduates are prepared to enter full-time pastoral ministry, church plant ministry and/or other ministries.

• Graduates are prepared to continue on in their education at seminary graduate level programs.

The focus of the curriculum is biblical studies, theology, pastoral ministry, and counseling.

Course Content:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Foundation of Faith Christian Ethics Ministry Gifts
Creative Bible Study Biblical Management Management Objectives
Biblical World View Power Principles Spiritual Harvest
Old Testament Survey Spiritual Warfare Mobilization Methodology
New Testament Survey World Religion Leaven Like Evangelism
Ministry of Holy Spirit Church History Teaching Tactics
Knowing God’s Voice Environmental Analysis Battle for the Body
Kingdom Living Bib. Perspective of Woman Multiplication Methodology
Pauline Epistles Intercessory Prayer

Educational Qualification:

 ·         12th Standard Completed.

 Course Duration: 3 Years