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The foundation of our Bible school is a strong local church. Bethel City Cathedral, mother church of Indian Pentecostal Assemblies, is one of the fastest growing churches in India and BFSBC is the focal point of many of their ministries.

Providing ministry preparation and development within the context of the local church is core to BFSBC philosophy. The church is essential in keeping the college up to date with its curriculum, ensuring that what is being taught is applicable to the needs of the church today.

Our local church provides the ideal context for this kind of “hands-on” learning. This translates the “theory” of the classroom into meaningful practical application. This collaboration creates a unique opportunity for students to get hands on experience in multiple ministries of the church.

The teachers at Bethel Faith Spark Bible College are well experienced in church ministry and the teaching is in both English and Tamil. Care is taken to train the students in their areas of interest focusing on their unique calling in ministry.

We believe that this preparation within the church equips and prepares the students to be released in ministry following graduation.

Our Theology:

Bethel Faith Spark Bible College is Pentecostal and Charismatic in its theological orientation. It places a significant focus on the function and restoration of the local church. Its many classes are aimed toward the theological, evangelical fundamentals that allow both practical and spiritual application in the student’s future ministry in the local church. In short, BFSBC offers a relevant, academic approach to learning with the ultimate goal of seeing the church realize its full potential. Our vision is to found future leaders with a sound theological basis and an impactful spirit-filled life.

Our Mentoring Approach to Education:

BFSBC believes that an educational experience must extend outside the classroom in order to be effective. That’s why we are proud of our Student Mentoring Program.

This program affords students a unique, one-on-one mentoring relationship between student and staff member and provides an opportunity for the faculty to effectively guide the personal development of the student. Through this mentoring relationship, each student receives guidance and counsel to facilitate their spiritual and ministerial growth.

Most graduates’ state that what benefited them the most was their close relationships with the faculty and staff through the mentoring program.