For over 35 years, Bethel Faith Spark Bible College has striven to provide the finest personal and ministerial training possible.

We have consistently held to a set of biblical core values that shape our educational objectives and commit us to continually raising the bar academically.

As a result, we offer students the benefit of receiving accredited degrees, transferable credits and of-course, equip them to be the spark for Christ in a lost and hurting generation.

Educational Objectives:

1. To provide each student with a thorough and systematic acquaintance with the Bible, the inspired Word of God.

2. To nurture the spiritual life and character of each student through instruction, correction, and a godly example.

3. To assist the personal development of each student through scriptural exposition, mentoring and integration into local church life.

4. To impart into each student’s life a sound biblical and theological worldview and a passion for prayer in the pursuit of their vocation and in everyday life.

5. To inspire young men and women to serve the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully in their generation by carrying the message of the good news to the four corners of the world.


Bethel Faith Spark Bible College has received its accreditation from the Asia Theological Association (A.T.A), which is a member of the International Council of According Agencies (ICAA).

All courses and degrees offered by BFSBC are accredited by ATA and are recognized worldwide.

Transferability of Credits:

Since BFSBC is an accredited college, students who wish to transfer their course or credits to any institution may. 

The processing fee to order your transcript is Rs. 500 per transfer request.