Campus Life:

Bethel Bible College offers a variety of rich Christian life experiences.

Dorm Life

                   Dormitory life provides students the opportunity to develop life-long friendships. Praying together,                    eating in the cafeteria, and attending small groups are just a few of the dynamics students share as                    part of their community experience. Campus days at BFSBC serve as a reminder that there are times                    just for fun. And special days out and sporting events help the students grow in authentic                                     relationship with one another.

Prayer and Worship

                   Prayer and Worship are core values in the lives of BFSBC students. As a result, students often                              become committed to regular intercessory prayer. Student-led worship is a vital part of the chapels                      each week. It is an impressive sight to see students from all over India lifting their hands and                              hearts in adoration to God. Students look forward to chapel as the highlight of their week.

Small Groups & Mentorship

                   The search for sound biblical doctrine extends beyond the classroom walls and into small groups.                      Professors make themselves accessible to students and students are able to take advantage of the                        mentoring relationship that start in the classroom. The students are also blessed by the ministries                      of anointed men and women of God who come to BFSBC from all over the world to conduct special                      courses & training.

Church Life

                     Student life includes active participation in the local church. Learned biblical principles are made                      applicable in real-life ministry responsibilities. This keeps the students in beat with the life of the                      local church and enables them to integrate experience with knowledge in preparation for                                      ministry.

                                               In a word, student life at BFSBC is about growth.

Through academic and biblical study, friendships, mentoring, chapel and dorm life, the student grows spiritually, personally and socially. By graduation, every student testifies to the enormous changes--the growth--they have experienced while attending BFSBC.